the last census revealed that the most rare interracial couple demographic is asian men + black women...there are 6000 registered marriages.
i love asian men (hence living in asia) so i've started a personal 6,001 campaign

Day 2

Today we were leaving the grocery store and Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” came on (and by “came on” I actually mean I flipped through 6 CD’s to find it). There was a hot brown Asian dude having drinks with some peeps at a corner market, but my propensity to holla was limited by the black woman in the next car over who mistook my hanging out of the car holla pose to be an indication that we wanted to make a right-hand turn, which she promptly called me out on. Ho.

Day 1

We went to a burrito joint for dinner and I was promised there would be Asian men. There was one – a portly Korean man dining with an elderly couple. I went to talk to him but realized he was actually coupled off with the octogenarian woman at the table

Welcome to The 6001

Meet Kareesa, who’s about to become the 6001st member of that infamous census number. She’s about to fly to San Francisco, which at 33% Asian-American, is basically a giant meat market.